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16. light/dark
We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

take these broken wings and learn to fly


cause when I feel it, it’s like I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness


BIG SUMMER GIVEAWAY!! handmade jewerly made by me

Ok so I’ve been planning to do a giveaway for a while but I haven’t really had time… So yeah, I thought I should do one now, because why not??

There will be one winner that wins everything seen in the pictures above. The jewelry has a total worth of over 100$.

Aaand, I’ll give all of you a 10% discount in my etsy shop when buying for over 10$ when entering SUMMER2014.

  • you mbf me ((I’ll check))
  • reblog this as many times as you want but please don’t spam your followers
  • likes is only for bookmarking and doesn’t count as an entry
  • no giveaway blogs or inactive blogs
  • there will be one winner, that wins all the jewelry seen in the pictures
  • if this gets more than 1k notes there will be a runner up that gets a deathly hallows necklace, an owl earcuff and a charm bracelet
  • if this gets more than 2.5k notes there will be a second runner up that gets a charm bracelet and an owl earcuff
  • and if this gets more than 5k notes I’ll select three people that gets a 10$ giftcard in my etsyshop
  • I’ll pick the winners using ramdom.org
  • keep your askbox open
  • the winner must answer within 48 hours or I’ll pick another one
  • I ship worldwide
  • giveaway ends august 31st 

My askbox is always open if you have any questions.
Good luck everyone! ♥


HP Spells Version 2 in B&W

Normal person watching movie: I like that actor
*Moves on with life*
Me watching movie: I like that actor
*looks actor up on Wikipedia*
*buys biography of actor*
*acquires all movies with actor*
*blogs nothing but pictures of actor*
*cries forever over actor*

Anywhere is better than here.


is this picture even real